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[Life Nugget] Sleepy Tips

Welcome to our ‘Life Nuggets’ Series. Today Dr Keegan talks about some of the more recent sleeping tips he’s picked up in his studies.

How much is enough?

Some studies have said that sleep occurs in 90 minute lots, moving in and out of deep, REM, sleep. This means the total should occur in multiples of 90 minutes (eg. 6, 7.5 or 9 hrs). Test these times out or make use of various trackers that claim to detect when you are out of the deep end of sleep. 


Not a sleeping drug, but a hormone produced by the body and released at night. Some studies show its impact on lowering body temperature, slowing brain waves, starting sleep and increasing the amount of deep (REM) sleep you can have. Exposure to light after sunset is one factor that could impacting its release. This is why it is common to be advised to decrease screen time an hour or more before bed.

Make use of your computer or phones night mode functions. If you dont have try F.lux at that can automaticly adjusts the blue wavelength of computer screens to help with lights negative impact.

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