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[Life Nugget] Office Chars 2: Return of the Backrest

Welcome to our ‘Life Nuggets’ Series. Today Dr Keegan, one of our Life Movement chiropractors, looks at Ergonomic chairs. Check out last post for more.

Ergonomic chairs?
Will never solve the problem of sitting. They just create artificial support systems for spine.

-Without (if prevents scooting chair under desk, too far from keyboard, rounded).
-Without (if prevents you sitting cross-legged or other supplemental sitting positions).
-With (able to sit in alternative positions).

-Don’t rely on back rest, support supplemental sitting positions.
-Passively sitting (relaxing): There to support spine curves and head while you relax while reclining.
-Actively sitting (doing work): upright, organised spine (body will save energy any time it can).

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Ergonomic Chairs – Dont rely on supports.

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