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Guest Post: Fermented foods and your guts!


Recently, at Life Movement, we have been lucky enough to work with an Exercise and Sports Science student. Some patients will have met her during their sessions, but for the rest of you, we have a have another piece she’s been wonderful enough to write up for us:

Fermented Foods and your Guts!

Whats so amazing about the human digestive system?


It helps you convert food into energy, this most of us know. But did you know it supports your immune system to fight off unwanted germs too?

 What we found…

It houses more than 10 times the amount bacteria than that of your own cells. 1 These bacteria form the foundations of your gut Microbiome, a sort of “mini-ecosystem” which plays a huge roll in your bodies function. So, just like other ecosystems it’s important that it’s diverse. The more diverse, the better it functions. Simple.

Unfortunately, commonly consumed foods (such as processed foods and sugars), and some medications (antibiotics) really do a number on your microbiome – destroy existing good bacteria. On top of this, your stomach acid (whose job it is to break down our food) naturally stops a lot of bacteria during the digestion process, good and bad2.

So, what can we do…

  1. Now, here is where fermented foods comes in handy. They are packed with probiotics! These little beauties are more likely to survive the acid in your tummy, and make it down to your intestines where they thrive, giving you a healthier and further diverse gut microbiome!
  2. Foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, yoghurt, pickles and tempeh are just some examples of your fermented friends! They are both delicious, and o’ so good.

So, when preparing your next meal, think about adding a little fermented goodness; your body will thank you.


  • Bull, M. J., & Plummer, N. T. (2014). Part 1: The Human Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, 13(6), 17–22.
  • Mosley, Michael.  (2017).  The clever guts diet.  Cammeray, NSW :  Simon & Schuster (Australia) Pty Limited

Guest Author:
Gemma Haywood
Exercise Sports Science Student
Deakin University, Melbourne

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